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Fishing In Zanzibar

We will very happily boast that we have good fishing year round in Zanzibar. The Pemba channel always throws up surprises and the fish are never too far away. Year round we are lucky enough to have large schools of barracuda on Leven Bank along with wahoo and king fish. Giant travelli can be found most of the year and are frequently caught by our boats. Between July and November the Yellow Fin Tuna run through here and you can see the tell tale flocks of birds hovering over them before diving into the water to catch what the tuna have left behind.

November to March is bill fish season. Blue marlin, black marlin and striped marlin all grace us with their presence and are regularly caught. Dorado’s are especially common around this time of year, although we do get them year round in smaller numbers. Every big game fishermen’s dream catch, the sailfish, visits the waters off Zanzibar in this season too and several of our clients have been lucky enough to land one. Then of course there are the ones that got away, they were always the biggest…!

Most of our fishing is trawling from the boats with between two and seven lines but if you enjoy other kinds of fishing we can arrange them. Bottom fishing at Leven Bank and off the reef in front of teh old Ras Nungwi hotel is usually very good and we can arrange fly fishing from Suli Suli. We have a large selection of lures available including jig lures so if you want to try something new just ask the captain.